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Frequently Asked Questions....




Can you prepare other items not shown on your menus?


Our menu options have proven that they can withstand transporting and hold their quality until serving time.  We would be willing to prepare other customized entrees as long as their integrity is not compromised.


What type of services do you offer?

We offer buffet-style meals as well as plated meal service and passed appetizer service. We have different dinnerware options available to help stylize your meal.


Do you offer tastings?


Absolutely.  If you've never had an opportunity to taste our food, or if you just want to sample some entrees that interest you, we offer complimentary open-house tasting sessions throughout the year.  Please contact us for upcoming dates.


How far will you travel?
Typically, we travel within a 35-mile radius.  Here are just a few of the venues at which we have enjoyed catering:  Crow River Winery in Hutchinson, Scenic Escape Barn in Henderson, Capitol Room in St. Peter, Arlington Community Center, Glencoe City Center, Hutchinson Event Center, Young America Pavilion, Mayer Community Center, Cologne Community Center, Edgewood Farm in Henderson, The Outpost in Chaska, St. Peter's Johnson Hall, New Ulm's Community Center and Kegel Club.


Do you offer discount pricing for children?

For weddings larger than 100 adult guests and selecting buffet-style service, we offer discount pricing for kids under 10 years of age.  The pricing will depend upon your final menu selection.  For plated service, we offer a special children's menu.


What is your payment policy?


For private parties such as weddings, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit.  This serves as our guarantee that we will provide services on your date of event.  This deposit is applied toward your final billing.  Final payment is due two weeks before your event and amount due is based on your final count.  A service & delivery charge of 20% will be applied.  


Some venues charge a kitchen facility fee.  Is that included in your pricing?


No.  If your venue's policy is to charge a kitchen facility or caterers fee, we will need to collect that fee from our clients that require us to cater at those venues. Safe food handling is a top priority, and access to a kitchen allows your catered event to better meet Minnesota Department of Health food safety standards. 


Our venue offers china rental.  May we rent Chef Craig's Catering 
china placesettings instead?


In the interest of conducting fair and respectful business practices with the venues that allow us to use their facilities, we will not rent our china to clients whose venue already offers this service.  However, we still have the responsibility to clear, wash, and put away those placesettings.  We consider this to be Platinum service and will charge a reduced Platinum fee. (see our Services page)


Is your published pricing guaranteed?


We strive to honor all pricing that is published. We also will not compromise quality ingredients in order to cut costs. Therefore, if the market changes substantially from booking time until date of event, it may be necessary to adjust pricing. We understand your budgeting needs, and we will work diligently with you to design a menu that meets those needs.  We ask our customers to please be mindful of volatile market conditions.

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